Programming Chair- Hawks Don't Hate & Int'l Socials
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Hello! My name is Tristan Schmidt and I am the programming chair for International Student Socials and Hawks Don't Hate! My preferred pronouns are He/Him/His. I am currently a sophomore studying Music Therapy and Certification in Critical Cultural Competence. I am from Floyd, Iowa. My funniest college experience happened during my first weekend in the residence halls. My entire floor decided to get together in the hall and order pizza while having a jousting competition. My group won. I became a Hawkeye because I really liked that the University had plenty of resources to offer me as a student if I needed assistance with academics, health, and etc. also it was the university in the state of Iowa that had my major. Social justice to me means understanding the many different subjects within society such as privilege, oppression, etc. and using skills such as cultural competence to help combat and challenge the many negative experiences that can appear within the subject areas while learning from them. It means being able to use your experiences, say something or take action, and make change for the betterment of others even if it does not necessarily mean it will help you.

Other Organizations/Trainings:

  • Leadershape Participant
  • StarPower Participant
  • CDE PenPals- Mentor
  • Iowa Edge- President


  • He/Him/His